February 7, 2013

Samsung i9003 stuck on samsung logo solution

download this files>>>I9003_XXKA7.rar
Odin & Pit File>>>>click here

* Download and run odin. 
* Check Re-Partition, Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time.
*Click PIT button and select this file: latona_20110114.pit
* Put your phone into download mode: Press Volume down + Home + Power.
*. Connect USB cable and the program will detect the phone's Com number.
* Click Start button to download the PIT file to phone.
* After it is Done Click on Reset button, then unselect Re-Partition box.
*. Click PDA button and select this file: I9003xxxxx-xxx...-PDA-low-CL890053.tar.md5
* Click PHONE button and select this file: MODEM_I9003xxxxx_REV_00_CL889972.tar.md5
* Click CSC button and select this file: GT-I9003-CSC-xxxxxx.tar.md5
* Remove the battery, then enter Device into Download Mode again.
* Click Start button to flash these files to phone.
* Do not touch anything till you see PASS on the program window.
*. Just do a factory reset after flashing using recovery


  1. does this work if i had previously rooted jb rom installed

  2. Thanks I got my mobile life back

    After upgrading firmware to Gingerbread (upgraded from Keis) I had faced lot of issue like black-screen, not-booting up. Using this link I downgrading to froyo again now my mobile (i9003) returned back to the normal


  3. It worked!!! Thanks!! : )